Meet Nadia May, My story


Hi I’m Nadia, and I work with business owners and people with entrepreneurial mindset who are ready get to the next level and pursue their business and personal dreams. My mission is to free them of their emotional and financial pain so they can feel confident and creative in their everyday life. I’m passionate about helping people eliminate their blocks and limiting beliefs and create clarity and inspiration enabling them to act swiftly and purposefully in chieving their powerful dreams and heart desires.

Through my experiences and trainings, I’ve had the privilege to coach and mentor hundreds of people worldwide who were able to overcome difficult problems in their personal and business lives, align their physical and spiritual aspirations and build the life they always wanted, but were unable to reach.

Life is about living your dreams. This is more about empowerment and precise actions than procrastinations and fears of being successful. If you’re ready to stop struggling and reclaim your beautiful life with invigorating confidence, you’re in the right place. I’ll teach you how to stop waiting and expecting and start creating and enjoying your amazing life on your terms!

What some students are saying about the program:

Anna Lopez

The coaching that Nadia has provided has been such a valuable benefit to my life and has begun to help me shift my perspective on financial, family, and business matters...

Anna Khita

Calling Nadia an AMAZING Coach is definitely not enough to express all her awesomeness and professionalism. Nadia, is a life coach that is like a mirror that reflects people’s patterns...

Brianne Hanshaw

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I met Nadia at Tony Robbins Business Mastery, when I sat in a different seat one day I'm so glad I did! I've been working with Nadia...

Irina Musaleva

Nadyusha, thank you very much for your help !!! Your meditation gave answers to many of my questions and I was able to look at the situation from a different perspective. I finally got to...

Nadia Oneal

Nadia is an Amazing coach. I’ve had a lot of different coaches. But Nadia goes deeper than the rest of them. She is creating a program for you which sets you on the right path...